Our Story


If you clicked on this page by accident on your way to buying some memorabilia, why not take a minute to learn a little bit more about FlippyMagz?

FlippyMagz is a sports memorabilia company developed by former collegiate athletes in 2016. Our team is proud to introduce the first double-sided sports magnet to the college memorabilia industry and the world. 

Our designs are centrally focused around creating an experience for the fans. Whether they are at tailgates, work and driving in traffic - having the most innovative sports magnet on the market lets everyone know whose team your on this season.  

To us, there's nothing better than waking up on a Saturday, throwing on all your favorite team gear, packing the truck up, slapping on your FlippyMagz and hitting the road!

Whether you are heading to the tailgate or your favorite watering hole, you are sure to turn some heads with your FlippyMagz when you pull up!

As we continue to grow and evolve, we have made it our priority to ensure that there is always a real person who can help you with whatever you need.

Here at FlippyMagz, our double-sided sports magnets are our pride and joy. That's why we ensure our products are made from the highest quality materials on the market! We know that you will fall in love as soon as you flip into your next order. 

We wouldn't be here without our fans, and that's why we try to find as many ways as we can to engage with you guys. Be sure to join our FlippyMagz community by following us on your favorite social media outlets! There you will find chances to win free products, photos of our travels throughout this college football season, updates about new designs and partnerships, and sneak peeks of what's to come!

For now, sit back (if you are standing for some reason), relax, and enjoy what we have to offer! And if you don't see anything you love, keep checking back - we add new designs EVERY FEW WEEKS!