Legend of The New Miami Reversible Player Magnet

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Are you a diehard Miami Hurricane fan looking for the jaw-dropping memorabilia for this season?

Grab this exclusive Legend of The New Miami Reversible Player Magnet today.

The competition will be blown away by these jaw-dropping reversible magnets that are sure to get a thundering applause from faithful Hurricane fans during home, away and neutral site games this season.

These reversible magnets work are sold in select sports memorabilia stores and go great with a Turnover Chain,  ESPN College GameDay events, tailgate events & parties, and team arguments by the water cooler at work… These sticky magnets also go great on refrigerators, cars, filing cabinets and other places you need to show off your team spirit & memorabilia.



  • Exclusive Hurricanes memorabilia.
  • Sticks to most surfaces like refrigerators, automobiles, filing cabinets and more. 
  • Reversible technology makes it perfect for home, away and neutral site games. 
  • Magnets made of nickel and iron. 
  • Size 10.4" x 8.5" 
  • Made in the USA